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Mina Shum – Double Happiness (1994)

Double Happiness (1994). Jade is a twenty-something Chinese-Canadian struggling actress. But she is caught between two worlds — traditional and modern — and this is affecting important aspects of her life, from the men she dates to how she fares at auditions. In terms of men, Jade reluctantly satisfies her parents’ old world standards by letting them choose her dates, and even letting them decide how she’ll look when she goes out. But on the sly, Jade’s modern attitudes are reflected in the motorcycle jackets she wears, and her involvement in an interracial relationship. Meanwhile, on auditions, Jade would prefer to play non-“Asian“ characters, but nonetheless finds herself being typecast at every turn. How will Jade rectify the dichotomies that are affecting her life — without losing her family?


* 1994 Winner, Best Canadian Feature Film – Special Jury Citation, Toronto International Film Festival
* 1994 Winner, Audience Award, Torino International Festival of Young Cinema
* 1994 Winner, Special Mention – Acting Performance (Sandra Oh), Torino International Festival of Young Cinema
* 1994 Winner, Genie Award, Best Achievement in Film Editing
* 1994 Winner, Genie Award, Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
(5 other nominations)
*1995 Winner, Wolfgang Staudte Award, Berlin International Film Festival

700MB | 1h 27m | 656×352 | avi


Language(s):English, Cantonese
Subtitles:hardsubbed for Cantonese dialogue


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