1971-1980ComedyCultFloyd MutruxUSA

Floyd Mutrux – The Hollywood Knights (1980)

It’s Halloween 1965 in Hollywood and is also the last day that a drive in which the hang out of some youths who call themselves the Hollywood Knights will be open. It is being closed because most of the local snobs don’t like them so they decided to close the drive in to get rid of them. Now the Knights decide to lash back at those who were responsible. And they try to make the best of the drive in’s last night. They also have some new pledges and they have to perform a very daring task which includes making a song request and an announcement about the closing of Tubby’s Drive In which is the Home of the Hollywood Knights Car Club before Midnight with the Local DJ played by none other than Wolfman Jack. Also one of the Knights is going to Vietnam, so he is making the best of his last day. And another member is having problems with his girlfriend.

2.19GB | 1h 31m | 1024×554 | mkv


Subtitles:English, Spanish (muxed)

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