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Jin Wang – Chujia nu AKA The Wedding Maidens (1990)

From Wikipedia:
The Wedding Maidens (Chinese: 出嫁女; pinyin: Chūjià nǚ) is a 1990 Chinese drama film directed by Wang Jin. It was entered into the 17th Moscow International Film Festival where it won the Special Silver St. George.

This and the film Five Girls and a Rope are based on the same story by mainland writer Ye Weilin. Although the narrative is the same, specific details differ in these two films. In a remote mountain village, five innocent girls are attracted to a legend about touring the garden’. According to the legend, a girl may hang herself before marriage and preserve her purity. Her soul would turn into a white bird and soar to the heavenly garden, where there is only beauty and peace.

1.38GB | 1h 34m | 768×480 | mkv


Subtitles:English,Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese

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