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Johnnie To – Heung joh chow heung yau chow aka Turn left turn right (2003)

This movie is a great adaptation from the book by the renown artist Jimmy from Taiwan. Not only faithfully materializing the conception from the poetic illustrations in the book, the movie also adds witty dialogs and funny buffoon performance of the supporting roles for the whole story, which does not exist in the original. The movie debuted as number 1 in the box offices of Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The original book has been sold for more than tens of thousands copies in more than five languages.
Personally I like this movie very much as a great love story and fairy tail for the grownups. I believe the movies might be more touching for the Asians, (especially for the residents in Taipei or Taiwan, where I came from and the movie filmed) since the whole movie surrounds only one single idea in Chinese as “Yuan-fen”, which is deep rooted in Asians’ mind and personally I think there is still not a proper vocab for translation. (“Fate” is close but not exact.) And the story, the people, and the scenes are so familiar for me that it just like my neighbor’s story.
Another reason I might suggest to treat this movie as a fairy tale is that they do have many goofs or things seems not so logical in the movie, as described by other users. But who cares? Just like nobody questions why the lion in the wizard of oz is so coward. This is still a great love story and grownup fairy tail for me. [imdb]

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