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Kiyoshi Kurosawa – Katte ni shiyagare!! Dasshutsu keikaku AKA Suit Yourself or Shoot Yourself!! 2 – The Escape (1995)

Nestled in the mid 90’s when Kurosawa was heavily involved in creating diptych crime stories such as “The Serpent’s Path” and “Eyes of the Spider” and especially his “Revenge” double feature, “Suit Yourself or Shoot Yourself” was filmed and released for the home video market in Japan. The idea, six variations of life surrounding two low level yakuza gophers, expound on Kurosawa’s fascination with subverting the same idea and story in a wildly divergent manner.

Yûji (Shô Aikawa) and Kôsaku (Kôyô Maeda) are two cheap gangster buddies are back in the ongoing six part yakuza parody saga by Kiyoshi Kurosawa. Through Yumiko (Yoriko Dôguchi), Yûji and Kôsaku are hired by a yakuza boss to tail his daughter. Once unveiled the identity of Kimura, the boy she’s dating, the boss offers a reward for his capture. But Yûji refuses the job although his buddy would need the money to leave Japan and settle to Australia. One day Yûji meets Kimura by chance and helps him escape the yakuza gang who’s hunting him down. He takes him home but upon second thought he decides to hand him over and take the reward…

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