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Lav Diaz – Ang hupa AKA The Halt (2019)

Madmen control Manila in 2034 after massive volcanic eruptions have plunged Southeast Asia into darkness.

11.07GB | 4h 42mn | 1920×1080 | mkv


Subtitles:English, Spanish, Italian, Turkish


  1. I have a large and good screen, nearly 100 inches, I am a photographer and I have worked as a director of photography, and I can tell you: you don’t appreciate the difference between this movie in 11 GB and this same movie (which is very long) in, say, 4.5 Gb. You appreciate the difference – and this is the ONLY way the movie was intended – in a cinema on a wide screen, alone, in the dark and in silence. All the rest it’s just a pale imitation: we all watch movies – true movies, I mean – in the wrong way, but that’s much better than watching bad movies in the right way.
    I have a good archive with over 4.000 movies in high definition: if each movie had this bitrate, I would have spent hundreds, maybe thousands euros more than what I have spent in hard-discs.
    Needless to say, the host of this site can give us the movies in the format he wants – and we pay for them through Nitroflare, which gives a share to him – but I, and others, can understandably ask for a different format, as far as I do it in a polite way. Goodbye.

    1. I agree with lullz, and I think many of us feel the same. 11 Gb size makes a difference (compared to 3 or 4 Gb) only if you have a cinema screen, otherwise it is just a lot of space on the hard-disc. You really cannot see the difference, and I know what I am saying, because I have studied the topic. Would it be possible to offer this and other movies (Finkiel’s La douleur, Spike Jonze’s Beastie Boys Story) in a more affordable format? It’s just a kind request – and it would be great. Thanks anyway for all your work!

      1. How about we just allow the admin to provide the content at whatever bitrate/size that they deem best? They are providing an incredible service here that is costing you nothing, so why complain? I’ve also found that the choice to provide higher bitrate encodes is very strategic–films with amazing cinematography or where the visual experience is crucial are often the ones that are large, low-compression encodes.

        Personally, I would always MUCH rather have the highest bitrate possible (sorry RRR, but if you can’t tell the difference between a well-encoded 11GB file and a 4GB file, you’re likely watching on a very small and/or low-resolution television, in which case you’re not watching the film in a way that is even close to how it was intended to be experienced), and if I want a smaller version, I can just re-encode it myself.

        1. “if I want a smaller version, I can just re-encode it myself”
          Everybody can do this. I use the open source program “Handbrake” (https://handbrake.fr/). You don’t need to know anything; just use the default settings and search “constant quality” in the help.

      2. “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”.
        Everyone has their preferences. lullz prefers low file size, I prefer high file size, correct aspect ratio, english subs,…
        But Admin works a lot to bring us movies of great quality and very difficult to find, in exchange for almost nothing. We don’t even know if they have access to other versions of the movie.
        We should be immensely grateful and try not to complain, or at least ask without being rude.

        1. And that’s what I did: I asked in a polite way, “without being rude”.

          No, this is not “a gift”, and it’s not “almost nothing” what the Admin gets. He surely doesn’t get rich, but he receives some money from Nitroflare, depending on downloading. And he deserves it, for he makes a good job. I subscribe from this website to Nitroflare, I pay some money, so I have a right to ask for the format I prefer (just as you and anybody else paying for Nitroflare). To ask in a polite way, as said.

          I know very well how to compress a film, but thank you nonetheless for suggesting a way. I just don’t want to compress it myself, otherwise it is easier for me (and totally free, because I do not need to subscribe to Nitroflare) to download it from a torrent, especially for recent (and not so rare) movies like this.

          Last thing: we all like an excellent bitrate, subtitles, and so on. We are all here (paying) for that. Some of us prefer a standard format – let’s say 1.2-1.5 GB for every hour of a film in color – others (and fewer, I suspect) prefer it in a extreme high bitrate.

          Peace and love, my friend. Goodluck, and goodnight.

          1. Although I replied to you, it was intended for everybody.
            The part about being rude wasn’t for you, it was for lullz and others in the past. In this page, aside from lullz, we have talked politely and argumenting our positions.
            I said “almost nothing” because hosts pay very little unless there’s a lot of downloads and premium referrals, and I think the content in this blog doesn’t attract crowds. But, of course, I really don’t know.
            And your info as a professional was very interesting, and it has made me rethink my position about file sizes. Thank you.
            Pace and love to you also.

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