2001-2010ArthouseEroticaGermanyMaria BeattyQueer Cinema(s)

Maria Beatty – Bandaged (2009)

Since his wife’s death, Arthur, a peculiar and severe surgeon, cloisters his teen daughter Lucille inside a strange mansion. Desperate, Lucille tries to commit suicide but ends up with her face burned and bandaged. Arthur, with the assistance of his aunt Ingrid who doesn’t know what he is really doing, prepares a weird skin graft in order to give back Lucille a face, a face that resembles his beloved and deceased wife. To take care of Lucille, the father hires Joan, an attractive nurse with a somber past. Lucille and Joan start a forbidden and passionate love affair…

1.18GB | 1h 32m | 1024×512 | mkv


Subtitles:Norwegian, Swedish, Danish

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