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Mario Pinzauti – Emmanuelle bianca e nera aka Passion Plantation (1976)

imdb comment : Racial and sexual tensions haunt a Southern plantation. Hilariously overwrought Eurotrash sex-n-violence fest is apparently part of the notorious, ubiquitous Emmanuelle series in name only, sharing none of the stars or characters of the main series, which is fine, because this then comes across as a wild-n-wooly little nothing that stands brilliantly on its own. The premise itself is classic: a Mandingo-like Southern plantation romp filmed in Italy, replete with bitch-nymphos, black slaves with huge afros, white landowners with bad hats and mustaches, slave rape, bathtub masturbation, slave torture, black-n- white love, etc. The two “Emanuelles” (Maria Luisa Longo, Rita Manna) are both pretty homely. We see tits at least once every five minutes, a grindhouse staple. An elemental synth score by Robert Pregadio helps add cheap drama to what is already terminally cheap. Add to all this weirdness this some deliciously dumb dubbed dialogue like: “It’ll be a pleasure to see you rot in hell you nymphomaniac!”, “The times are a- changin’, Pa!”, “Shall I beat him to death for you sir?”, “You’re one of the few beautiful things that this ole river has seen, as it keeps rollin’, rollin’ along!”, “I’m a selfish, empty little bitch!”, and “Don’ blame me. Dey’d have cut my balls off!”, much of it with a bad Southern accent, and you have a marvelous piece of obscure Eurotripe, ripe for picking. A Groovy graphic title sequence by Studio 4. What makes this film all the more tacky is a gratuitous plotline involving a young landowner who wants to emancipate the slaves! This progressive philosophy just doesn’t jive with the hoary exploitation we’ve been privy to throughout this stunningly daft fiasco. All told, an E-T winner. The box art spells Emanuelle with two mm’s, so even the producers don’t have a handle a franchise which seems to be available to anyone for the asking.

1.94GB | 1h 21m | 846×360 | mkv



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