Raj Kapoor – Sangam aka A Meeting of Souls (1964)

Winner of 4 Filmfare Awards: Best Actress (Vyjayantimala), Best Director (Raj Kapoor), Best Editor (Raj Kapoor), Best Sound Recordist (Allaudin).

Ganga, Jamuna, Saraswati, three sacred rivers in India, meet at Allahbad, and this meeting place is known as Sangam.

Sunder (Raj Kapoor), Gopal (Rajendra Kumar) and Radha (Vyjayantimala) are three childhood friends.

Although Gopal and Radha have always loved each other, Sunder is oblivious to this and compels his friend Gopal to ask Radhu’s parents to let Sunder marry Radha. Radha’s parents reject Sunder’s proposal on the grounds that he is a drifter and not capable of supporting their daughter after marriage. Though heartbroken, Sunder decides to join the army and become worthy of asking Radha’s hand in marriage. Sunder leaves his friend Gopal to take care of his beloved Radha…..

Sangam was Raj Kapoor’s first colour film. Its bright colours, European locales and glamour dazzled the eye and senses, and went a long way into turning the film into a blockbuster.

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