2011-2020DramaPeruRosario Garcia-Montero

Rosario Garcia-Montero – Las malas intenciones AKA Bad Intentions (2011)

Las Malas Intenciones tells the story of a period in the life of Cayetana, an eight-year-old girl growing up in Peru in the early 80’s, when terrorist violence was starting to agitate the country. The story unfolds from the point of view of this intelligent child, but with a somewhat dark and distorted personality. Daughter of separated parents, Cayetana spends most of the time on her own and under the care of their employees. After returning from a long trip, the mother, Agnes, gives her some unexpected news: she is pregnant. With this news Cayetana’s fragile world collapses. She locks herself in her room and solemnly declares that the day of birth of her brother will be the day of her own death. Only her imagination and the emergence of the national heroes of their textbooks – Olaya, Grau, Bolognesi – may save her from an increasingly alienated family environment in a country about to collapse.

2.42GB | 1h 48m | 1264×528 | mkv



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