King Hu – Tian xia di yi AKA All the King’s Men (1983)

Synopsis Tian xia di yi (1983):
It’s the 10th century BC, the emperor is not well, and the medicines he is receiving from con artist “Immortal Li” are in reality only making him worse.

10.07GB | 1h 41m | 1920×1036 | mkv’s.Men.1983.WEB-DL.1080P.H264.AC3.Mandarin.CHT-OPS.mkv’

Subtitles:Chinese (hardcoded), English (.srt)

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  1. Also, please break it up or add a Tezfile so I can acquire it. I can’t download a 10 GB Nitroflare file. Thank you!

  2. Any news on the fix? Thanks!

  3. Yes, sorry to say, xpab is right. It’s just digital garbage after about 1:07….
    Thanks for a fix if possible…

  4. Does anyone else have the same problem?

  5. Made a new download.
    The file really seems corrupted.

  6. Thank you for the movie.
    Is anybody else having an issue ?
    For me, the movie seems corrupted at 1:07:23 where VLC quits and I cannot go past this time.
    Could be the download but I wanted to ask before redownloading 11GB.

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