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Vernon Chatman – Final Flesh (2009)

One of the most ridiculous, absurd, excruciatingly unerotic and genuinely laugh-out-loud funny movies you’ll ever see. Is this satire? Is it philosophy? Video art? Unappealing porno? Hour-long schadenfreude trip? It’s all of these and so much more.

Final Flesh is a feature film produced in four parts: the script written by Vernon Chatman (PFFFR, Wondershowzen, Xavier:Renegade Angel) was divided up and submitted to four unique film production companies that work exclusively in the field of customized adult content. The companies’ shared charter is to produce a film that explores the writer’s chosen fetish – and with this in mind, Vernon wrote with demented determination, in order to push the definition of fetish into the realm of the cosmically absurd. Then he sat back to see what his charges would deliver. The resulting film is an epic narrative for our time. ‘Final Flesh’ is a surreal, apocalyptic ‘My Dinner With Andre’ – in other words, existential, sublime and ridiculous, featuring unmistakable porno production values and shudderingly unseasoned porno actors and actresses – but no actual sex.

The films set-up is this: There are porn companies online that do custom porn. You can send in whatever your fantasy is and they will act it out, record it, and send you the tape. Well, Vern wrote a series of absurd scripts for the porn actors to do- weird and bizarre shit, no sex. He made it so the actors thought he would be getting off on it- not turning their videos into art films. He presented the films exactly as he received them- the companies did all the titling and editing. The result is very twisted, often times gross, and always funny. The film is in four parts. The first begins with three black actors talking around a table moments before the Atom Bomb is about to drop. One of the ladies goes into the shower and pours a jar of ‘neglected children’s tears’ over herself in an erotic manner. Read into this what you will… She goes on to give birth to a piece of raw meat that she breastfeeds. And that’s just the beginning; the parts get progressively crazier from there.
— Potion Lords

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