Wei Lo1961-1970Chia-Hsiang WuFantasyHong KongHuang TangMusicalTian-lin WangWen Yi

Wei Lo, Huang Tang, Tian-lin Wang, Chia-hsiang Wu, Wen Yi – Bao lian deng AKA The Magic Lamp (1964)

Adapted from one of China’s most well-known fairy tales, the Goddess of Mount Hua falls in love with a young mortal scholar Liu Yanchang and gives birth to a baby son, Chenxiang. When Chenxiang grows up, he seeks to unravel the mystery surrounding his mother whom he has never met.

An overlooked Huangmei opera classic that easily surpassed Shaw Brothers’ version released the following year, titled The Lotus Lamp. Though both ended rather abruptly, this one felt a lot more fulfilling for not being limited by Linda Lin Dai’s double roles like in the Shaw version. Despite some rough editing and sound mixing, this one went a long way with its B&W cinematography to emphasize heavy shadows which created a more sombre tone. Topped off with incredibly touching songs and enchanting set design, this comes highly recommended to people who want to dive deeper into the Huangmei opera genre.

Side note: Jeanette Lin Tsui reminded me so much of Faye Wong here.

1.47GB | 1h 32m | 720×540 | mkv



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