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Hark Tsui – Do ma daan AKA Peking Opera Blues (1986)

In the wake of China’s first democratic revolution, three beautiful, high-spirited young women from very different backgrounds cross paths in a common quest for liberation. Fateful circumstances find the three joining forces as they muster the courage and fortitude to become female warriors.

Tsui Hark’s satirical commentary on Chinese Democracy, Peking Opera Blues, expertly weaves comedy, drama, and high-flying acrobatics into a lavish, colorful production, not unlike Chinese opera itself. The film’s kinetic energy never slows down and propels each scene to the next, yet never loses sight of it’s character’s intertwined motivations. Truly worthy of it’s many high praises, it remains an endearing classic of Hong Kong cinema, as well as a creative high point of Hark’s illustrious career.

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2.42GB | 1h 45m | 1022×554 | mkv



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