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Emilio Fernández – Enamorada AKA In Love (1946)

In Mexican Revolution times, a guerrilla general and his troops take the conservative town of Cholula, near by Mexico City. As the revolutionaries mistreat the town’s riches, Armendáriz falls for beautiful and wild Beatriz Peñafiel, the daughter of one of the town’s richest men.

Seattle International Film Festival wrote:
“I am Mexican cinema!” director Emilio Fernández reportedly cried, and lest anyone doubt him, this loose adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew offers ample proof for his grandiose claim. Shot by the great cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa, Enamorada stars Maria Félix (chief glory of classic Mexican cinema) as Beatriz, who resists the blandishments of boyish José Juan Reyes (Pedro Armendáriz), the swaggering revolutionary who has seized her hometown to demand its inhabitants contribute towards his cause during the 1910 uprising. Their political and romantic sparring has reminded many critics of American screwball comedy, but, as others have pointed out, when did any Hollywood heroine attempt to literally blow up her foe-who-would-be-beau? “As near to a feminist film as you’re going to get from a Catholic country in 1946…. Combining the patrician willfulness of Hepburn, the I’m-in-charge seductiveness of Gardner, and the palpitating emotionality of Garland, [Félix] is here at her peak”.

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