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Michael Apted – Firstborn AKA Moving In (1984)

Firstborn (1984)

A teen must protect his family when his mother’s sinister new boyfriend begins exerting his authority in their home.

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★★★½ Rewatched by Tim Daugherty 16 Sep 2019

I’ve always thought this was an under-rated gem from the 80’s. Firstborn certainly had 80’s flair (not least of all the music), but it also had its own style about it. Mostly understated – and not as exuberant as its peers.

Of course Peter Weller is fantastic, and Terri Garr is believable as both a good mom and a “Coke head”. Is it weird to say this might be Corey Haim’s best performance? The fact Robert Downey Jr. is in this, it’s 1984, and he is NOT the coke addict is hilarious.

What I don’t love is the cheesy action sequence and all-to-clean ending. It’s the stuff of Hallmark Drama TV. Forgivable. It came with the territory back then. Less forgivable, and what prevents this from flirting with being really special, is that I hate the character of Jake. Not the actor, but the character. He just isn’t likable, and comes off as a know-it-all jerk. Everyone around him is made to seem like an obstacle to his magnificent moral compass. His mom, Dad, the new boyfriend, his brother, girlfriend, the teacher, coach, etc…..no one is quite as enlightened as Jake. Even the films title and movie poster reinforces this for some reason. I kind of think this should’ve been “Second-born”

I cheered a little when Weller gives him a right hook to the head. I suspect that wasn’t the intent.

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