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Romain Goupil – Gustave Courbet, the Origin of his World [+Extras] (2007)

Gustave Courbet, The Origin of his World
Gustave Courbet (1819-1877), painter of real life, the earth, and material things, was so much a part of his era he lost himself in it. He paid for this dearly: wealthy and famous in this youth, he was later obliged to chum out paintings to avoid starvation.
“Only an hour long, Romain Goupil’s 2007 documentary on Gustave Courbet, the great French 19th-century realist painter, still expands your mind and heightens your reactions, with the lucidity and grace of all the best art (and criticism). Courbet was a terrific character, a rebel from the bourgeoisie, who accomplished in paint the revolution that he couldn’t quite manage in life. A lifelong anti-clericist and socialist, he was an important figure in the Paris Commune, a political indiscretion for which he later paid dearly, with exile and bankruptcy.
But Courbet’s super-realist painting, with its working class, non-bourgeois and sometimes heavily erotic subjects, was less celebrated in the 20th century than he deserved, because the vogue in painting went in such a different (far more formalist and empty) direction. Yet he’s certainly a master, especially of the human form — and, in my opinion, far more deserving of critical honors than most of the abstract artists who outstripped him in favor. His paintings still live and breathe — most notably the scandalous, notorious, dangerously sensual ”L’Origine du Monde,” a sexual portrait of woman so realistic, and incendiary, that it was hidden away for more than a century by its secretive owners, one of whom was psychologist/writer Jacques Lacan.”

The Origin of the World
Long considerated obscene, The Origin of the World is still among the most provocative convases ever painted. This film relates the story of one of the most mysterious paintings in the history of Western art.

Dead Man’s Place
In 1851, Burial at Ornans caused an outrage. This complex work, with its hidden symbolic and formal implications, is truly a metaphysical experiment in vision and perception.

Behind the Scenes of an Exhibition: The Spectacular Transfer of a Masterpiece

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