Herman Yau2001-2010CrimeDramaHong Kong

Herman Yau – On the Edge AKA Hak bak do (2006)

After eight years of undercover work with the triads, officer Hoi San’s case brings about the conviction of the crime boss. But now Hoi is detested by the triads and by his fellow officers–and he’s forced to run after he’s suspected of a crime.

Arresting his gangster head, Hoi San finally resumes to a policeman and receives his bravery award after 8 years undercover duties. However, walking out from the dark side and having his real life is not easy for Hoi San as he is being disliked and repelled by his new police colleague, he is being detested by his past gangster buddy. The most miserable thing is his lover for 8 years also wants to leave him…

One day, Hoi meets Ton, one of his gangster buddies in his undercover days. Though Hoi refuses to team up with Ton, he is still being suspect for criminal cooperation with the triad society. Unable to make any explanation, Hoi then snatches the police car to run away…How should Hoi deal when fate plays tricks on him?

686MB | 1h 28m | 640×368 | avi




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