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Nan Goldin & Edmund Coulthard – I’ll Be Your Mirror (1996)

A seminal documentary on the life and work of one of the most influential photographers of the last thirty years. An honest dig on her and her friends marginal way of life, especially in the 80’s, marked by the drugs, violence, sex, and AIDS.
With the participation of David Armstrong, Greer Lankton and Cookie Mueller, among others.

747MB | 48m 52s | 720×540 | avi


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  1. Thanks. There are a great many very worthwhile features and shorts of the last few decades that never managed to secure any meaningful distribution, did not turn up on cable or on DVD, or were only seen by a relative handful of people at a few film festivals, or were screened at (limited) museum events. (I know this firsthand, having been a film programmer for a couple years.) Many of these we would never get to see — or maybe even know about — but for the fine work you do !

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