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Joris Ivens – La Seine a rencontré Paris AKA Seine a rencontré (1957)

The first film Joris Ivens made when he returned from Eastern Europe is a film poem about Paris and Parisian life on the borders of the Seine river. The film follows the flow of the river through the city of Paris, making a portet of this city and its people living, strolling, sun-bathing, fishing, working, swimming, loving and laughing beside the Seine. The poem written by Jacques Prévert gives the film an extra dimension, and the music, with the recurring theme of a children song, gives it a melancholic touch.

Premiere: Paris, 20 November 1957
Awards: Golden Palm Best Short, Filmfestival Cannes; The Golden Gate, the first prize of the Film festival of San Francisco; first prize Film festival Oberhausen

360MB | 30m 56s | 608×480 | avié_Paris_(Joris_Ivens,_1957).avié_Paris_(Joris_Ivens,_1957)

Subtitles:English and Dutch idx/sub and srt

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