Joris Ivens1961-1970DocumentaryFrance

Joris Ivens – Pour le Mistral (1966)

One of Joris Ivens’ most poetic films is his first attempt to film the wind. With a beautiful photography, a powerful editing and a poetic commentary the film tries to make the wind visible and tangible. It starts in black and white, continues in colour and ends in cinemascope to illustrate the force of the upcoming Mistral wind that blows in the south of France. The original scenario was much more elaborate and ambitious and fits Ivens’ lifelong wish to film the impossible: the wind. It was difficult to find a producer for this film, for most people were rather sceptical to finance a film with an invisible main character. Finally Claude Nedjar was willing to produce the film, which despite many financial problems was finished in 1965.

Premiere: Film Festival of Venice, 1966
Awards: Golden Lion, Film Festival of Venice

1.18GB | 34m 43s | 1920×1080 | mkv,_1966).srt



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