Elwood Perez1981-1990CultDramaPhilippines

Elwood Perez – Silip (1985)

Silip (1985)

Silip (1985)

Bloodshed and bouncing bosoms abound in this wretchedly violent and nearly pornographic horror film from the Phillipines. The story is set within a tiny village located near an idyllic nude beach where beautiful young women play. Poor local boy Joseph is terribly aroused and becomes obsessed with having his teacher, a virgin. This does not set well with Joseph’s lover, an older widow. Joseph meets his end after he is blamed for butchering a classmate. Joseph’s teacher and one of her friends are in turn blamed for cutting off the lad’s head and burned alive.

Silip (1985)
Silip (1985)
Silip (1985)

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Language(s):Tagalog, English Dub, English Commentary

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