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Pedro Costa – The Rabbit Hunters (2007)

This is the short Pedro Costa made for the Jeonju Digital Project in 2007. Pedro Costa brings Ventura who is the main character of his previous film, Colossal Youth to this film again and telling about being divested and being alienated of the people who don’t have anything. Alfredo is dumped by his wife after losing his job. Ventura is just comforting him with words. Jose is ordered to quit the country. These three men just have a mean reality seeing the high buildings outside and thinking about their happy days.

220MB | 20m 51s | 640×480 | avi



  1. Hello, Could you reupload the file please? It says that the file has been removed for inactivity. Thank you.

  2. Goodmorning, Sir,
    the English subtitles are only in the .sub format and they do not work. Could you pls fix it?
    Thanks in advance!

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