Ana Mendieta – Ana Mendieta – Selected Performance Works (1973-1981)

This used to be on vimeo for quite a while but has since vanished. From the looks of it and the credits to a curator at the end, it was probably compiled for an exhibition and taken down after it ended. There’s no official record or entry of this anywhere as this is not an official release, just an unofficial compilation.

Here’s what’s on this:
1. Sweating Blood, November 1973

2. Blood Writing, February 1974

3. Body Tracks, March 1974

4. Burial Pyramid, Summer 1974

5. Untitled, Summer 1974

6. Flower Silueta No. 2, June 1975

7. Alma Silueta En Fuego No. 2, November 1975

8. Silueta de Arena, August 1978

9. Isla, 1981

10. Filmworks, August 1980

11. Esculturas Rupestres, June 1981

12. Anima, 1976

13. Fire Silueta

14. Untitled Silueta

15. Esculturas Rupestres, June 1981 (either mislabelled, or split into two parts or outtakes)

1.01GB | 52m 27s | 1280×720 | mkv

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