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Tinto Brass – Ça ira, il fiume della rivolta (1964)

This is a compilation film consisting exclusivley of archive footage. Rather not the usual sort of film you get from Tinto Brass.

Trivia from IMDB:
“This film was scheduled for the second New York Film Festival (1964), but was withheld by authorities in Italy and thus deprived of a showing. In 1971, the film was re-titled and released in the USA as “Thermidor” (after the 11th month of the French Revolutionary calendar), with a new English narration, and with some attempt at updating made by its American distributor.”

“Ça ira – Il fiume della rivolta, also released internationally as Thermidor, is an Italian collage film of documentary film and drama film genres directed by Tinto Brass. Taking its name from the popular revolutionary song Ça ira, the film is a critical narrative of 20th century revolutions from 1900 to 1962 and their legacy.

The first film directed by Brass, Ça ira – Il fiume della rivolta was produced in 1962 but it could be premiered at the Venice Film Festival in September 1964, to see theatrical release in December.”

This is a very bad copy, mainly as a means to get english subtitles.

329MB | 1h 24m | 486×360 | mkv



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