Dominik Graf – Das Gelübde (2007)

Clemens Brentano, an artist in his prime, no longer wants to be an artist. The poet and bon vivant goes to the bedside of the nun Anna Katharina Emmerich as a simple “scribe of God’s wonders” to write down her visions and views. Emmerich became famous for her stigmata of Christ, which appeared on her chest, forehead and hands. In order to receive comfort and encouragement, believers make pilgrimages to the sickbed of the weakened nun. Brentano places great hope in his encounter with her. But the meeting of the famous poet and the nun becomes a crossroads for both of them.

1.88GB | 1h 28m | 1020×574 | mkvübde_(Dominik_Graf,_2007).mkv


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  1. no english subs :((

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