Raoul Ruiz2001-2010ArthouseChileDrama

Raoul Ruiz – Días de campo AKA Days in the Country [Rai3] (2004)

We are in Santiago, Chile, in a bar. Two old men talking and drinking. It seems that one of them is writing a novel. In bizarre conversation, they speak of themselves as if they were already dead while the would-be novelist, Don Federico, dips match sticks with tweezers into his wine glass. A curious strangeness settles in… where are we, exactly? In the kingdom of the dead? Not quite. At most, in a previous life or in memory. For Don Federico begins to evoke the days of his youth back when he lived in the country.

1.04GB | 1h 27m | 640×384 | avi


Subtitles:Italian (hardcoded)

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