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Hal Hartley – Flirt (1995)

Flirt is one of Hartley’s more experimental works. It is, essentially, three variations on one short film, each set in different parts of the world (the US, Germany and Japan). Those that know and love Hartley’s work (especially his shorts) will find themselves right at home. It’s smart, funny and ultimately quite touching.

Like most Hartley films, Flirt requires a patient and attentive viewer. The reward for this patient attentiveness lies in the humor and the small touches that Hartley includes in each of the film’s three “acts.” Familiar faces such as Karen Sillas and Elina Löwensohn from previous Hartley films make small but memorable appearances. Dialogue rings both true and hollow except in the last sequence filmed in Tokyo, which is eerily beautiful and nearly silent. I once wrote that a Hal Hartley film is an acquired taste. I still believe this. Flirt has its ups and downs, but it’s certainly an intriguing ride.

1.91GB | 1h 23m | 1024×576 | mkv


Language(s):English, German, Japanese
Subtitles:English hardsubbed

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