Makoto Shinkai – Hoshi no koe AKA Voices of a Distant Star (2003)

Hoshi no Koe ~The Voices of Distant Stars~, is an OVA that uses full 2D and 3D digital animation. It is a story of long distance love bridged by mail messages. Set in 2046, resulting from the discovery of the ruins of an alien civilization on Mars, man has made great leaps in technology and is planning to send an expedition into space in the following year. Nagamine Mikako and Terao Noboru are both junior high school students. While Noboru will be entering senior high next winter, Mikako is selected to join the space expedition.
Source: AnimeNfo.Com

203MB | 25m 03s | 640×464 | avi

Subtitles:English (hardcoded)

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