Tolomush Okeev1971-1980ArthouseDramaUSSR

Tolomush Okeev – Krasnoe yabloko AKA The Red Apple (1975)

“Red Apple” – a chronicle of a few days in a small family, a story about the difficulties of human contacts, the complexity of love. The image of red apples – strong and clear, profound and lucid. Okeyev’s “apple” bears a special meaning. Juices of the earth and sun, it is a lyrical symbol of happiness and harmony. (

Following the critical success of his movie about the harshness of Kazakh life The Fierce One, director Tolomush Okeyev helmed The Red Apple, which chronicles several days in the life of a Kirghizian family. In the story, an artist imagines a feminine figure with such intensity that his relationship with that figure threatens his marriage. The level-headed actions of his daughter help him to harmonize the two realities. (Clarke Fountain,

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