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Eloy de la Iglesia – Nadie oyó gritar AKA No One Heard the Scream (1973) (HD)

A high-class call girl witnesses her neighbor disposing of his wife’s body. The man kidnaps her and forces her to help him. An unexpected relationship develops.

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★★★½ Watched by Karl 17 Aug 2021

No One Heard the Scream is an apt title as it’s unlikely any audience members will be screaming. That’s not a knock against it at all. I was pleasantly surprised that this subverted my expectations. This being an Eloy De La Iglesia film I should’ve known better. Every film I’ve seen from him has had a distinction of a signature director aka an auteur. Two neighbors in a practically abandoned apartment complex meet cute, actually NO, more like meet MURDER. They end up on a road trip to dispose of a body. There are some excellent Hitchockian elements involving the trunk of a car and the police. About an hour in I started to get a little frustrated because it wasn’t giving me any horror. Once I adjusted my expectations I was able to enjoy the ride. It’s beautifully filmed and the leads are charming and cute (in a twisted way) together as they play a game of cat and mouse while also flirting. De La Iglesia was gay and he makes sure to give us some homoerotic gaze in the form of a shirtless guy with a washboard stomach. How fun! As we come to the end of our story it seems we might have a happily ever after finale. Not quite. To my surprise in the end I didn’t SCREAM but I did GASP.

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