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Barbara Sass – Pajeczarki AKA The Spider Women (1993)

Two sisters, a journalist and a student, are struggling with financial problems. They decide to save their budget by stealing from wealthy men. They break into their apartments through windows in order to realize their American dream..

Magda (Maria Pakulnis) after the divorce moves into the room of her sister Ewa (Adrianna Biedrzyńska), a student at the Academy of Physical Education. The sisters are struggling with financial problems: Magda loses her job at the editorial office and Ewa struggles to survive on her scholarship. Their every step is followed by a nosy landlady (Danuta Szaflarska). When the possibility of a joint trip to New York appears, they decide to get money for Magda’s plane ticket. The women spiders climb on ledges and break in through windows into the apartments of wealthy men, the upstarts of wild capitalism. Banquets and bazaar scenes show the revival of the economy in private business and speculation. At one banquet, women meet American investors and fly overseas with them. Climbing the skyscrapers overseas is even more exciting. True, they will return with nothing, but they are destined to live the good life inherited from their old landlady, a retired bank clerk. The actresses, Maria Pakulnis and Adrianna Biedrzyńska, created a rare female duet in a Polish comedy (the scene in the phone booth reminds us of the classic “Lekarstwa na miłość” with Kalina Jędrusik and Krystyna Sienkiewicz). The sisters are their opposites: the pious, modest and athletic younger one and the emancipated, elegant and eloquent older one. “The Cobwebs” is the only thriller comedy in the oeuvre of Barbara Sass, a classic of women’s cinema in Poland, based on a screenplay by director and cinematographer Wieslaw Zdort. The idea for a film for a wide audience was born after the author came back from an American scholarship, in the period of the crisis of financing auteur cinema in Poland during the transformation. The WFiD production was co-financed by PZU, Polish Lottery Monopoly, British Airways, Puma and Kodak. Music for the film was composed by Rubik, and songs were performed by Edyta Górniak.

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