Unlisted – Thou Shalt Not: Sex, Sin and Censorship in Pre-Code Hollywood (2008)

So-called ‘pre-Code’ films remain among the most interesting ever made in America. This 67-minute documentary from Warner Bros enlists a wide range of film historians and commentators – among them Leonard Maltin, Camille Paglia, John Landis, Jeffrey Vance, and Molly Haskell – to discuss the movies of the era and explore what allowed them to break sexual and social taboos, why the Hays Code was drawn up, and the changes that came in its wake.

Danny Reid on Pre-Code.Com wrote:
There isn’t a whole lot to critically discuss about the documentary as it mostly sticks to the story about how and why censorship came about and the ways in which studios flouted the Production Code in the early 1930s. There’s definitely an emphasis on Warner Brothers pictures that is unmistakeable, and the absence of a discussion of horror pictures or even the works of Ernst Lubitsch may raise a few eyebrows. But for anyone who wants a brief rundown of pre-Code antics along with some excellent clips and a nice ‘beginner’s list to pre-Code’, this movie should fit the bill nicely.

1.19GB | 1h 07m | 720×540 | mkv



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