Herbert L. Strock – Battle Taxi (1955)

In the Korean war, the commander of an Air Rescue helicopter team must show a hot-shot former jet pilot how important helicopter rescue work is and turn him into a team player.

Battle Taxi is set during the height of the Korean War. Sterling Hayden plays an officer of the Helicopter Air Rescue Service, whose job it is to save wounded or stranded soldiers from hostile territory. Arthur Franz costars as a jet pilot assigned to the copter service, who at first resents being a non-com but eventually realizes his importance in the scheme of things. The film sticks to basics, eschewing any and all romantic subplots — in fact, there isn’t a single female character in the picture! A bit cliched and obvious during the dialogue scenes, Battle Taxi truly comes to life during the aerial “chopper” sequences.

895MB | 1h 20m | 640×480 | avi



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