Jean Epstein – Finis terrae AKA End of the Earth (1929)

The Ushant archipelago is a group of small islands situated off the coast of Brittany at the northwest extremity of France. Each year, four fishermen from the most populated island Ushant set up camp for three months on the uninhabited islet of Bannec to gather and process seaweed, producing a valuable soda-rich resource for factories along the coast. JeanMarie and Ambroise, the two youngest members of the four, fall out when the latter drops his friend’s last bottle of wine. Ambroise finds himself ostracised when Jean-Marie accuses him of stealing his pocket knife and then develops a fever when infection sets in on a hand wound. The other fishermen mistake Ambroise’s sudden illness for laziness, and by the time they realise the truth the weather is against them. If Jean-Marie is to save his friend’s life he must get him back to Ushant as soon as he can, but the strong currents and thick fog will ensure a hazardous crossing. Meanwhile, the people of Ushant are becoming concerned by the apparent lack of activity on Bannec. A party of fishermen is hastily assembled to undertake the perilous journey and arrives just in time…
— James Travers

2.23GB | 1h 21m | 768×576 | mkv–_Jean_Epstein.mkv

Language(s):French intertitles
Subtitles:English (muxed)

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