Anwar Wagdi – Ghazal al-banat AKA The Flirtation of Girls (1949)

Featuring a legendary ensemble from the classic age of Egyptian Cinema, starring Naguib El-Rihani, who’s probably had the most influence on theatre and comedy in the Middle East even close to a century from his death, with only eight films in production before an untimely death during filming Ghazl al-banat. The beautiful Jewish singer, Layla Murad, Youssef Wahby, and the musical prodigy of Mohamed Abdel-Wahab, the most celebrated composer of the time. A heartwarming comedy from a bygone era.

Hamam (Pigeon) is an Arabic language teacher. Suffering from persistent bad luck, it seems like he’s stuck in his desperate sad life forever. A rare opportunity comes at last when he’s hired to teach Arabic to the daughter of a wealthy aristocrat. He starts to like the girl but discovers that she’s a victim of a reckless rich playboy. One night he accompanies her to meet the playboy in a night club. Worried about her, he rallies to an officer to save her from inside the night club. The officer, in turn, takes a liking to the girl and starts flirting with her. Hamam, jealous of the officer, tries to get rid of him by hiding with the girl in a house that turns out to belong to Youssef Wahby, the famous actor. Wahby also starts flirting with the beautiful aristocratic girl and discovers through his conversation with Hamam that the poor teacher is in love with the girl but she doesn’t feel the same for him. They leave of the artist’s house just to find the officer waiting for them. The officer and the girl begin to fall in love while both tears of joy and sadness glimmer in Hamam’s eyes.

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