Murray Roth – Harold Teen (1934)

Harold Teen a recent high school graduate, writes a column for the local newspaper. He is in love with Lillums Lovewell, a high school senior. Harold is continually making mistakes to the despair of his editor. After he spends all his money buying a bottle of perfume as a graduation present for Lillums, Harold’s car is repossessed and he is so distracted that he walks by a newsworthy accident without noticing. Then at the prom, Lillums and Harold quarrel about his bad dancing. Harold sends away for correspondence dancing lessons and partially redeems himself with his boss by interviewing Mr. Snatcher, the new head of the bank. Harold takes Lillums canoeing, but makes her angry again, and they upset the canoe. Lillums wades out to the road, where Snatcher drives by and offers her a lift home. Snatcher finds Lillums charming and begins to woo her with flowers. Harold brings Lillums his own small bunch of flowers in apology and embellishes them by telling her how much he loves her, but the couple ends up quarreling again. When she hears that her father is dating a younger woman, Snatcher’s daughter Mimi shows up in town, determined to prevent their marriage. While she is in town, Mimi organizes the other young people, and they hire Ed Rathburn, the man who wrote Harold’s book on dancing, to help them put on a theatrical show. At first Mimi is made leading lady because of her father’s importance, but when Snatcher suggests that Lillums play the part, Rathburn eagerly agrees. Finally, everyone is content with the decision to have two leading ladies. When Pa Lovewell tells Lillums he cannot afford the cost of her wedding dress costume, Snatcher makes her a gift of the dress, saying he hopes she will be able to use it again soon. Mimi is upset by the gesture and leaves the show to talk to her father, who agrees that Lillums is too young to be Mimi’s stepmother. In Mimi’s absence, Harold is forced to save the show and demonstrates his new dancing ability. At the end of the show, Harold and Lillums get married, and Snatcher clears Pa’s loan with the bank as a wedding present

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