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Corey Yuen – Huang jia shi jie AKA Yes, Madam (1985) (HD)

Yes, Madam! was the first starring role for Malaysian-born actress and action superstar Michelle Yeoh, and the feature film debut of American martial arts expert Cynthia Rothrock. It was also the 2nd movie as director and action coordinator Corey Yuen, most well known internationally for The Transporter and DOA: Dead or Alive. But if you’re a Hong Kong action fan you may have seen his work in any number of films such as Jackie Chan’s Drunken Master

…once we reach the go-for-broke finale, where Inspectors Ng and Morris take on an army of goons in Mr. Tin’s lavish lair. The set piece ranks amongst the greatest ever conceived in action cinema history, as bodies are tossed through glass, bamboo umbrellas are used as weapons, and Yeoh and Rothrock mangle every thug (including Fat Chung’s absolutely ludicrous Mad Dog) that steps to them. It’s a glorious moment of extended choreography that reminds you why you sit down with action pictures like this in the first place. They become dances of destruction, as our beautiful heroines take as much brutal punishment as they dole out. Corey Yuen delivered many stunning moments of fluid mayhem throughout his career, but few have ever reached the highs of Yes, Madam!

– Jacob Knight, BirthMoviesDeath

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