Eizo Sugawa – Kemonomichi aka Beast Alley (1965)

Review from The Montreal Gazette – Jan 10, 1970
BEAST ALLEY – directed by Eizo Sugawa; original Japanese version with English subtitles; at the Art Cinema

The only real beast in Beast Alley is a black and white Great Dane, who is incidental to the plot. There are, however, a lot of humans who behave in a rather beastly manner.

There’s a frustrated wife who burns her decrepit husband; an evil old man who preys on unhappy young women; a sinister villain who plays with gasoline and matches; and a host of unscrupulous, corrupt politicians and police detectives.

This may make the movie sound like an English or Hollywood detective thriller from the ‘forties, and actually, Beast Alley isn’t far removed from that genre. The scene is a little different; but other than that, one can’t think that he’s bee through this movie before.

Which is not to say that the film doesn’t work. The plot flows smoothly and the director Sugawa keeps things pretty tense. But anybody who goes to Japanese movies to see furious sword fights is bound to be disappointed.
Beast Alley owes more to Mickey Spillane than to the seven samurai.

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  1. The language isn’t english. Sounds something like japanese.

  2. — Please upload this other film from the same
    director if you can find it. I saw it twenty years ago ,
    a great and unique film :

    Eizo Sugawa ” Paucity of flying dreams ”
    Tobu yume wo shibaraku minai (1990)

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