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Claude Mulot – La femme-objet AKA Programmed for Pleasure (1981)

A science-fiction writer creates a sexy robot-girl.

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★★★½ Watched by Marcy Webb 26 Dec 2020

If you ever wanted to see R2-D2 control sex scenes, and you like an early 80s score, then this is exactly the film for you.

No doubt, despite the amount of penis screentime and lesbian sex, this is a film explicitly made for the straight male gaze. It would be hard to argue against a misogynistic reading, and this film carries an unhealthy dose of of rape/sexual assault and predatory stalking into its sexual scenarios, that should require an upfront trigger warning. While it can carry an inherent eroticism for many, for me the eroticism goes away considering the narrative context. That said, hypnosis, servitude, fuck dolls, remote control ARE many people’s kinks. While the films are miles apart, a story about a man constructing a woman after he can no longer see the woman he loves (to fuck) not only explicitly references Frankenstein, but is part of a lineage that goes back to Metropolis, and continues into modern films too.

Within the film’s straightness is a revolutionary narrative of overcoming male servitude to have lesbian sex, no penis necessarily required. Because let’s be real, women leaving a man to be with each other is no tragedy.

1.90GB | 1h 26m | 950×593 | mkv


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