Giorgio Simonelli – Non mi muovo! aka I Do Not Move (1943)

Plot & Review:
A former auctioneer, Carlo Mezzetti (Eduardo De Filippo), homeless with his daughter Annuccia (Vanna Vanni), clings to favorable situations and legal technicalities in order to find temporary housing and to illegally occupy vacant houses.
The two are accompanied by the spouses Squeglia, Pasqualino (Peppino De Filippo), self-styled pharmacist, and his wife Olimpia (Titina De Filippo).
Through a fraudulent trick, he manages to convince the owner of one of the vacant houses illegally occupied by him, to sign a contract, all for the benefit of Carlo and his companions in misfortune.
The cheated owner, however, falls in love with Annuccia. Carlo accepts, thus, to give the hand of his daughter to the landlord, preventing further legal action by the latter.

One of the liveliest of the films interpreted together by the three De Filippo brothers.
The theatrical structure is felt, but doesn’t spoil: fun assured.
From ” ‘O quattro ‘e maggio ” (1907), by Diego Petriccione, Neapolitan playwright and critic in controversy with Eduardo Scarpetta, the natural father of the three De Filippo.

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