Junji Sakamoto – Tokarefu AKA Tokarev (1994)

While on his daily route as the driver of the local school bus, Michio Nishiumi sees his own infant son kidnapped from the vehicle by a masked assailant with a gun. A ransom is demanded, but the boy dies. Michio wants and needs his revenge.

Japanese director Junji Sakamoto’s “Tokarev” spins a riveting tale of a mild-mannered suburbanite driven to kamikaze-like extremes by his obsessive desire for revenge. Invigorated by stylish direction, startling shifts in rhythm and a cataclysmic final showdown… Psychological twists are as bizarre as they are unpredictable, with the characters’ impulsive behavior well played by a cast that invests heavily in piercing gazes and strong silences. Tension is strung out to maximum effect with the aid of Shigeru Umebayashi’s somber synth music, a diverse bag of editing tricks and some gorgeous slow-motion work.

1.56GB | 1h 42m | 865×468 | mkv



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