1991-2000AnimationComedyNick ParkUnited Kingdom

Nick Park – Wallace and Gromit in A Close Shave (1995)

Wallace falls for Wendolene, a wool shop owner, while Gromit is framed for the sheep rustling.

When Wallace and Gromit go over to wash windows, Wallace falls in love with a wool store owner named Wendolene. Meanwhile, Gromit is framed for killing sheep and is put in jail. So with help from the sheep and Wendolene, Wallace must get him out of prison. Written by Mike-2000

Wallace falls in love with wool-shop owner Wendolene, not suspecting that she (or rather, her dog) is at the head of a fiendish sheep-rustling plot Gromit is set up and jailed, but his new-found sheepish friend is determine to give Wallace a helping hand in finding out the real truth. Hurrah for Wallace and Gromit! Written by Martin Hughes

Wallace and Gromit become involved in a sheep rustling operation run from the local wool shop. Wallace falls for Wendolene, the shop owner, while Gromit is framed for the rustling by her pet dog. Written by Rob Hartill

When Wallace and Grommit set themselves up as window cleaners, you know it’s going to be a paneful experience. Wallace takes a shine to Wendolene, a local shopkeeper whilst Grommit becomes the victim of a smear campaign. Can Grommit get his name cleared as well as his windows? Who is behind the spate of sheep rustling and will they come quietly? But most importantly, can Wallace find a cure for his cheese fetish before he finally goes crackers? Written by Tim McSmythurs

+Commentary with Nick Park

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