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Tomasz Dominik, Piotr Rozbicki – Warszawa 88-89 AKA Warsaw 88-89 (1989)

In the film Warsaw 88-89 we observe the city on the eve of the coming changes, captured on VHS tape. Tomasz Dominik and Piotr Rozbicki capture interesting, distinctive details – an unusual balcony, inscriptions on the walls, beautiful but dilapidated architectural details – from the gray reality of shabby tenement houses, blocks of flats, squalid courtyards. In the background we can observe the political, economic and cultural context of the period: lifestyle, cars, clothes, texts on walls. In the public space the sphere of the sacred mixes with the profane.

During the screening of the film as part of the Duchology Poland event, live music was created by Palcolor. Inspired by the aesthetics of the tape recorder, he entered into dialogue with the views of Warsaw during the transformation.

Emil Macherzyński’s project, who makes “weird and pretty music” on cheap analogues and FM synthesizers, inspired by old electronics, applied music and techno. In his spare time he reads a lot of Wikipedia, is interested in number stations, the space race and The Charley Project. He publishes his music mainly on cassettes.

Warsaw 88-89
A film by Tomasz Dominik and Piotr Rozbicki who – working in amateur conditions – captured their city on the eve of the coming changes. Since its creation, the film has been publicly presented only three times: at the MDM Gallery in 1989, at the Klementyna Bocheńska Gallery in 2007, and at the gaga gallery in 2010.

389MB | 28m 05s | 1024×576 | mkv



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