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Bodil Ipsen & Lau Lauritzen – Afsporet (1942)

Afsporet (English: Derailed) is a 1942 Danish thriller directed by Bodil Ipsen and Lau Lauritzen Jr.. Starring Ebbe Rode and Illona Wieselmann, the psychological drama revolves around the intense erotic relationship between a wealthy married woman suffering from amnesia and a paroled petty thief entangled with organized crime. Afsporet was Ipsen’s directorial debut and is considered the first true Danish film noir.

A professor’s daughter, comes from a rich home, gets amnesia in a very remarkable opening scene, with some eerie underscoring. She gets involved with some low-life people in a slum area. She falls in love with the tough guy (played by Ebbe Rode), who recently got out of prison. He continues his live based on crime, and she follows him. Ib Schønberg, who proved his first character playing talents in this movie, threatens to reveal everything. Also a remarkable score from the beginning of Sven Gyldmark’s career.

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Subtitles:English srt.

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