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Angelina Maccarone – Fremde Haut aka Unveiled (2005)

Unveiled is about a woman’s identity crisis, so it’s probably fitting that the film itself is torn between its affections to the shrill Yentl and grim Boys Don’t Cry. Fariba (Jasmin Tabatabai) arrives illegally in Germany from Iran and applies for political asylum after declaring she would be persecuted in her homeland for having had a lesbian affair with a married woman. In the film’s best scene, director Angelina Maccarone hints at the gender transference that will save Farbia: Inside a seemingly unisex bathroom (really it’s a trash heap for all undesirables), the woman offers a cigarette to a weeping man, Siamak (Navid Akhavan), in the adjacent stall, and Maccarone codes her main character’s uncertainty of the world in her decision to light the cigarette before passing it on.

697MB | 1h 36m | 560×304 | avi

Subtitles:English hardcoded

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