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Edgar Reitz – Geschichten aus den Hunsrückdörfern (1981)

The documentary film “Tales from the Hunsrück Villages” was produced in the autumn of 1980, at a time when Edgar Reitz and Peter Steinbach were working on the preparations for HEIMAT. The film represents a preparatory work, which at the same time is, in a sense, the polar opposite of HEIMAT. In HEIMAT the leading characters Paul and Hermann, following the example of Reitz himself, leave their Heimat and seek their fortunes elsewhere as many Hunsrückers have always done.

“Tales from the Hunsrück Villages” on the other hand deals with those who have stayed rooted in their Heimat. Here these people speak for themselves, they can tell us in their own words about their life experiences, without being directed by an interviewer’s questions. In this way Reitz succeeds in drawing an undistorted and very authentic picture of the Hunsrückers and their way of life.

The film team corresponds in essential respects to the one that created HEIMAT: Edgar Retiz wrote the script, and was in charge of the camera work and the direction. Nicos Mamangakis produced the music. In addition: Cutting: Heidi Handorf; Assistant Director: Petra Kiener; Production management: Inge Richter; Editing: Joachim von Mengershausen from WDR.

Outstanding characteristics of the film are the mixing of material in black-and-white and colour, already being tried out here (e.g. almost all the sequences about the slate miners of Bundenbach are shot in black-and-white), as well as Edgar Reitz’ voice-over commentary which stands in the best tradition of the early New German Film, especially Reitz’ own, as well as Alexander Kluge’s.

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