Stefan Uher1971-1980DramaFantasySlovakia

Stefan Uher – Javor a Juliana AKA Maple and Juliana (1973)

Based on old slovak ballads, it tells of fiddlers who with their magic violins spread evil and destruction all over the world.

From Skritek’s film journal:
A girl is transformed into a maple tree by her impulsive and angry mother. Three poor wandering musicians come by the tree and create instruments from it. Walking around the country instead of happiness they bring death everywhere with their cursed instruments. However they cannot get rid of them, unless they bury the wooden instruments at the place of the tree. The three are anything but harmonious, each taking in their disputes various stances. In the end they are enlisted to go to war, because they hardly survive as unlucky musicians and bring the instruments back. That’s when the story takes an even more tragic turn for all.

1.17GB | 1h 27m | 608×464 | avi


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