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Satsuo Yamamoto – Kinkanshoku AKA Annular Eclipse AKA Solar Eclipse (1975)

In the wake of Watergate, the scandal surrounding then Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka’s dealings with construction companies in Japan caused a similar political upheaval. Director Yamamoto chose as the subject for his film a scandal that had taken place some ten years prior to the Tanaka disclosure, to let the Japanese people know that such corruption had long been part of their politicians’ lives.

(1975, SATSUO YAMAMOTO) How to bankroll an epic 1964 battle for the Prime Ministership? Why, hit up dentally-challenged old school moneylender Jukichi Uno for a mammoth loan, then pay it off with a kickback-stoked sweetheart deal to build a gigantic river dam. No problem for cold-blooded Cabinet Secretary Nakadai — except for the resentment of the crafty Uno and the scandal-mongering of Rentaro Mikuni. Based on the actual Kuzuryu Dam Case, from ace muckraker Yamamoto (The Family, The Corporation, etc.).

“Nakadai makes for a persuasive political snake in this drama torn right from Japan’s headlines.” – Time Out New York

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