Marcel Hanoun1971-1980ArthouseExperimentalFrance

Marcel Hanoun – L’automne (1972)

Synopsis: Julien, a movie director, is on the phase of editing his new film, “Juliette sacrifiée”. Hurried by his producer, he asks for the help of a professional editor. It is Anne, with whom Julien is soon falling in love. During the whole of the movie, both are sitting in front of the editing table, where they listen to music, talk about politics and what movies should and should not be about, make love, and finally end up editing the film as was planned.

“L’Automne transforms filmmaking, usually an art form based on movement, into an art of immobility; an anti-cinema, for those who expect punch-ups, car chases or western stampedes; an alternative cinema, for those who realize that the apparent immobility of L’Automne is not immobility at all. The intensity of those two pairs of eyes, watching — those eyes most definitely know how to see. We can see them. We can tell, from the look in those eyes, that we are witnessing the most absorbing stage in the creation of a film — the point at which everything is still to be defined and all questions can still be asked.”
-Jean Louis Bory
Le Nouvel Observateur

A man, then a woman, their look into ours – and vice versa. And the place where all these looks meet, the control screen, invisible because the film itself, of an edit bay.

1.17GB | 1h 15m | 768×576 | mkv’automne_24fps_-_Marcel_Hanoun_(1972).mkv


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